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RR Waste & Septic has been providing essential rental services to the customers of West Texas for over 40 years. We provide clean, fresh and hygienic portable toilets and hand wash stations throughout the Permian Basin. Our fleet of trash trailers will ensure your job sites stay clean and our light towers will ensure work will not stop when the sun goes down.

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Aerobic Maintenance


RR Waste & Septic has decades of experience in the construction of aerobic treatment systems (ATS), often called an aerobic septic system. The main reasons to use an aerobic septic system include poor soil conditions typically high in clay or rock content, high groundwater, little availability for land, or the need for high-quality effluent.

Aerobic systems can have many benefits but also some notable disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage is that aerobic systems introduce a mechanical device, a blower, to introduce oxygen to the system. With all moving parts, there is the potential for failure. If you want your septic system to sustain for a longer period, you must hire skilled and experienced septic installers and technicians for the construction and maintenance. This is a small-scale sewage treatment system similar to a septic tank system, but instead of the anaerobic process(the absence of oxygen) used in septic tanks, it uses an anaerobic (presence of oxygen) process for digestion.

We design and construct aerobic septic systems that produce a high-quality secondary effluent.  Typically the effluent is sprayed on a lawn or pasture at night. Aerobic septic systems produce cleaner treated effluent, which means groundwater pollution is less likely. If you live in an environment with a high water level, an aerobic septic system should be installed to prevent water contamination.

Benefits of an Aerobic Septic System

  • Effluent has lower amount of BOD and TSS treatment.  Can be used for surface application. 
  • Can be used in rocky and clay soils  that are not suitable for absorption systems 
  • Provides flexibility in challenging and restrictive lots 
  • Greener – can be used to water lawns
  • No possibility of drain field clogging (assuming spray irrigation) 

Concerns with an Aerobic Septic System

  • Requires electricity for blower and pump – ask about our solar option to offset electricity costs
  • Requires Maintenance – RR Waste & Septic are licensed septic maintenance providers 
  • Too much water can overburden the system – we can install fixed film aerobic systems to help minimize the hydraulic shock
  • Long periods of inactivity can deplete the system efficiency and microorganisms (which are needed for proper operation) in the clarifier 
  • May require more frequent pumping of the trash tank  

How Does It Work? 


After the liquid and solids are discharged from the home/building, the mixture enters the ‘pre-treatment’ or ‘trash’ tank.  At this stage, the mixture rests which allows the solids to separate from the liquid.  It is critical that the pre-treatment tank is sized appropriately to ensure enough time to allow for settling and to absorb any hydraulic events.   

Aeration Chamber:

Liquid from the trash tank will blow to the aeration chamber via gravity. At this stage, an air compressor or a blower uses ambient air from the surface to mix with the wastewater in the clarifying chamber. The air, and specifically oxygen, O2, promotes the growth of aerobic bacteria.  The bacteria essentially eat the material in the wastewater and thus treating wastewater. 


For all surface applications in Texas, the effluent from the aerobic treatment unit needs further disinfection.  Chlorine tablets, liquid chlorine, or UV radiation can be used.   

Pump Tank:

The final stage is the pump tank and this is where the liquid really gets flowing.  After the wastewater has been treated, it will flow naturally to the pump tank.  Based on how your aerobic system is set up, either by timer or by float will determine when the pump cycles on. The purpose of the pump is to pump the treated wastewater and discharge it from a series of sprinklers onto the surface, typically a lawn. 


RR Waste & Septic has a qualified team of experts ready to assist you with all kinds of aerobic septic services. There are numerous common issues that afflict or damage the aerobic septic systems. Common issues include, the blower and/or pump failing, rotten egg odor, clogged sprinkler heads, low discharge pressure, low airflow, high BOD/TSS, and improper timing.  

Whether you require repair, cleaning, or serving for your aerobic septic system, RR Waste & Septic’s trained team of experts is ready to help. Our team will examine your aerobic septic system and make recommendations for the best solution. We answer customer calls promptly and reach out to them quickly. In all aerobic septic tank facilities, we charge fair fees while offering an uncompromising quality of services.

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