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4 Alarming Signs You Should Have Your Septic Tank Pumped Immediately

Septic Tank Pump Out Service

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Septic tank systems are designed to process waste efficiently throughout decades but only when they are properly maintained. Neglecting septic tank maintenance may cause you to deal with a nightmare. Routine septic tank pumping is fundamental and one of the most important parts of septic tank maintenance. It is also essential to keep your lawn and plumbing system in good shape. 

Not noticing key indicators signs of an overfilled septic tank may cause system failures, and the result will be devastating. The best way to avoid any hassle is to keep your eyes open for the common signs of an overfilled septic tank. Below are a few signs that will indicate when you should pump out your septic tank.

Septic Tank Pump Out Service

#1 Sewage Backup and Sluggish Drains

Your drainage system’s inefficiency is a clear indicator that your septic system has started to show signs of distress. You will experience that your shower, tub, and sink are not draining quickly if your septic system begins to back off. Your toilets will also not flush quickly for the same reason. 

A sewage backup is a critical problem that you should never overlook. Consider hiring a septic tank specialist to have your septic system thoroughly inspected. Septic tank pumpout service will fix this problem in most cases, but it is better to have an expert opinion before taking any action. Taking immediate and accurate action will save you from potential costly problems.

#2 Foul Odor

Overfilled septic tanks are bound to cause odors. Smelling odors around the tank means it is either full or very close to it. You should not take the bad odor sign lightly. Instead, schedule septic tank pump out service, which is the best solution for this problem. 

#3 Stagnant Water Around the Tank

Pools of water around your drain field and the septic tank are a common sign of an overflowing septic tank. If it hasn’t rained recently, but still, you notice water around your septic system, you must understand that your septic tank is full. Finally, we will conclude that stagnant water around the septic system is a common sign of overflowing septic tanks. It indicates that you must pump your tank immediately. 

#4 Surprisingly Green Lawn Over and Around the Drainfield

It is a ubiquitous sign that indicates your septic tank needs to be pumped. Let’s understand why. Surprisingly, lush, green grass over the drain field compared to the rest of the yard means they benefit from the extra fertilizer from the excessive waste liquid. In this case, you must hire a septic tank professional immediately to inspect your septic system before a hazardous situation develops.

These are the few signs that you should never take lightly and must immediately schedule a pump-out. Now the biggest question is, who should you trust for this? The answer is RR Waste & Septic We are a full-service rental and septic construction company also offering septic tank pumpout services. You can count on us for comprehensive septic tank maintenance.

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