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A Comprehensive Guide to Porta Potty Rental in Midland, TX


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Outdoor working and events have a major disadvantage – limited or no restroom access! However, you can rent portable toilets in Midland, TX, for affordable prices and provide the basic amenities irrespective of the location. Let’s know more about portable toilet rental services and how to rent one for your needs.


Portable toilet rentals, aka porta potties, are necessary when conventional restrooms are unavailable. From construction sites to festivals, fairs, and outdoor events, there are many places where people cannot access toilets. You can choose a single unit or multiple units based on your requirements.
Portable potties are environment-friendly when made with biodegradable and recycled products. They help keep the surroundings clean and provide sanitation services outdoors. Furthermore, portable toilets come in many models and sizes. They can be spacious, have hand washing stations, and be wheelchair-friendly.


1. Standard portable toilets

The standard porta potties in Midland, TX, are lightweight, compact, user-friendly, and sturdy. They have anti-slip flooring and a translucent top that brightens the interiors. It has a door with an occupancy signal latch and a neat design.

2. Deluxe restroom trailers

Deluxe or premium toilet trailers are larger and have 24% more interior space than the standard model. These are best suited for weddings and other expensive outdoor events and functions. It is also family-friendly and has enough space for a parent to take their kids to potty.

3. Handicap-accessible units

As the name suggests, you can also opt for handicap-accessible or wheelchair-friendly porta-potty rentals to cater to people with physical disabilities. These units are designed to be ADA-compliant. They are larger than the extra-large models and highly comfortable.


1. Assess Needs

Before you search the internet for ‘rent portable toilets near me,’ understand why you need to rent these and how many you require.

2. Type of Porta Potty

Choose the best type of porta toilet that suits your budget and people’s requirements. For example, handicap-accessible models are a must for events.

3. Duration

Is your rental requirement temporary or for the long term? For example, an event occurs for a day or two, but onsite construction can go on for months.

4. Delivery and Pickup

Does the portable toilet company offer delivery and pickup services? Does it also provide cleaning and maintenance to ensure proper hygiene?


Do’s of Porta Potty Rental

1. Reserve Porta potties well in advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to rent emergency portable toilets. There’s a high demand for porta-potties, and you may not find the one you want if you want till the last minute.

2. Maintain Hygiene

You cannot compromise on hygiene. Add a portable hand washing station beside the unit for people to wash their hands whenever necessary.

3. Regular Cleaning

The portable restroom units have to be cleaned regularly to prevent mess. Hire a rental company that also provides cleaning services.

4. Weather Considerations

Weather can be unpredictable, but you can still ensure the porta potties are placed in a shade or have enough coverage to prevent guests/ workers from getting wet.

5. Privacy

Restrooms are private places. Install portable restrooms where people can find them easily and have the necessary privacy.

6. Environmentally Friendly

Hire a porta potty rental made using biodegradable plastic. These are environment-friendly and just as efficient as other units.

Don’ts of Porta Potty Rental

1. Overlook Maintenance

Portable toilets don’t clean themselves. If renting one long-term, include maintenance services in the contract.

2. Ignore User Feedback

Listen when people say they don’t find the unit comfortable or useful. You may need to replace it with a better option.

3. Underestimate Ventilation

Ventilation is a must inside restrooms. Choose a model with a transparent roof or an open top.

4. Neglecting cleanliness

Not bothering about cleanliness can result in hygiene and health issues. It can also affect the surrounding environment.


1. Consider Off-Peak Seasons

Host events during off-seasons to save rental costs on porta potties.

2. Opt for Basic Features

Renting portable toilets will cost less if you choose the standard/ basic model.

3. Choose the right type and quantity of units

Calculate the number of visitors in advance to avoid renting more units than necessary.

4. Schedule rentals in advance

Place the rental order for restroom trailers as soon as possible to get a better discount.

5. Rent for Longer Durations

Construction of portable toilets can be hefty on the pocket. However, renting the said portable toilets for the long term can help save money.

6. Use Local Suppliers

Rent from family-owned local suppliers in the region. This reduces transportation charges.

7. Avoid Last-Minute Rentals

Don’t wait until it’s too late to rent a porta-potty. The sooner, the better for your budget.

8. Bundle Services

Choose a package or bundle service to save money on renting and maintenance services.

9. Compare Quotes

Get quotes from more than one company to compare their offerings.


Determine the event or project’s size and duration.
Before getting portable toilets for rent, consider the people involved, guests, the duration of the event, etc.

1. Choose the appropriate type and quantity of porta-potties

Texas portable restrooms come in different types. Finalize the units after going through your requirements.

2. Set a budget based on your requirements.

Determine your budget in advance based on the number of units and duration.

3. Research and contact reputable rental companies in Midland, TX

Search for ‘portable toilets rental near me’ to shortlist reputable companies in the region and contact them for quotes.

4. Request quotes and compare services.

Always get quotes from at least two or three potty rental companies to compare their offerings.

5. Read and understand the rental contract.

Read the rental contract thoroughly and ask for clarifications. Be clear about the services.

6. Confirm delivery and pickup schedules.

Stay in touch with the rental company and confirm the schedule in advance. Avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

7. Ensure proper placement of units at the venue.

Place the units with high visibility and away from eateries and food stalls.

8. Perform regular maintenance checks during the rental period.

Pay attention to maintenance and cleaning services, whether short-term or long-term rental. Don’t leave the porta potties without security at night.

9. Follow the return procedures specified in the contract.

When renting portable toilets for events, adhere to the return procedure to avoid conflict with the rental company.


Renting a porta potty in Midland, TX, allows you to provide reliable and hygienic restroom facilities for outdoor events and construction sites. With proper research and understanding, you can easily rent the most suitable portable toilet for your budget and other requirements. Go local for better results. Consult RR Waste & Septic for a quote that’s within your budget and covers all of your requirements. Call us today to set up an appointment with our expert.

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