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Construction Excavation: What is it, Types & How to Hire Excavation Contractor


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Creating a solid site for building without causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding property or the environment requires skill and knowledge. Excavating a construction site is much more than just leveling a spot for a pad.
Consider hiring professional excavating contractors to handle the project by enlisting their construction know-how and services.

Why is Excavation So Important in Construction?

Excavation involves more than just digging a hole. The process of excavation in Pecos, TX involves moving and removing soil and rock from a workplace to make an open hole, trench, tunnel, or cavity Culvert.

Every construction project requires excavation since it provides a stable surface for the surrounding property and provides a strong foundation for the project. Among the services offered are drilling, trenching, grubbing, and grading. A bulldozer, backhoe, excavator, or forward loader is usually used for this task. Every construction project requires excavation since it provides a stable surface for the surrounding property and provides a strong foundation for the project.

Types of Excavation

1. Roadway

Roadway excavations can serve a number of purposes. For example, excavated materials may be moved to another location to make way for road construction and new access roads. Roadways can also be built with excavated materials, such as embankments, and existing roads refurbished. It is sometimes necessary to excavate and remove unsuitable slope materials to replace or repair them with newly excavated materials.

2. Water Management / Ponds

It is easiest to build an excavated detention pond or retention pond on flat terrain. Their excavation-based capacity limits the practical size of these systems. The best place for them is where there is a low demand for water. When evaporation losses are high and water is scarce, excavated Frac & engineered frac ponds are advantageous because they expose a minimum surface area to the water.

3. Site development

Preparing your property correctly for demolition is the first step to building your dream home! Site development encompasses all the work in preparing a property for construction, like topsoil clearing and rock crushing. To prepare the land properly for mass grading, it is important to have the best resources available based on each property’s layout.

4. Right of Way services

Excavation is restricted to areas of real property on which the City has a designated right-of-way interest or pipeline companies have acquired a right-of-way interest. The right-of-way encompasses the land on, below, and above any streets, alleys, avenues, roads, highways, parkways, or boulevards dedicated or acquired for this purpose. It involves electrical utilities, mowing, clearing, and vegetation management of these areas.

What Do Excavation Contractors Do?

  • Filling the area around new foundations with backfill
  • Fine grading of roads, flow work, parking lots, driveways, and sidewalks must be performed
  • Utility lines, sewer lines, and water pipes are excavated
  • Landscaping and mowing
  • Creating terraces for agricultural drainage
  • Preventing movement by building earthen dams and shoring

Excavation contractors near me also perform exploratory work. Searches are conducted on building sites for underground utility lines or important artifacts. Excavating contractors must remove important historical artifacts from a site before construction begins if it contains important historical artifacts.
A contractor excavating around utility lines, such as water pipes, gas lines, or electrical lines, must know how to avoid damaging them.

A precise surveying crew’s measurements must be followed during all excavations to ensure the integrity of the building. An excavating contractor should therefore be able to match the grade provided by the surveyor using a level and transit equipment.

Why Do You Need an Excavation Company?

1. The process of getting permits sanctioned

In order to proceed with building a new structure, you need to obtain the required permits before the project starts. When you are new to the construction industry, there is a good chance that you don’t know everything about the legal side of it. Excavation companies that have been in the field for years are familiar with the system and can receive the right permits because they know their way around it.

As part of their expertise in obtaining permits, a good excavation company knows what permits are required for each type of construction project and how to best go about obtaining them on your behalf.

2. Project Management

Digging into the ground with a shovel is not the only way to excavate a construction site. An understanding of the process, calculation, and sourcing of supplies is required. There is no doubt that this is a job that requires the expertise of an expert.

In addition, excavations aren’t something you can do by yourself. For most big jobs, you will need an entire team of people to complete the job. There is no doubt that if you manage the budget, legalities, and suppliers all by yourself, you will not only waste your money and time but may also end up risking the project’s outcome not being as successful as you wanted.

3. Improved safety

People without any excavation experience risk sabotaging the project not only because they may sabotage the whole project but also because they may injure their own bodies. This work is potentially dangerous due to the heavy, complex tools used, the sharp edges of the tools, and the long hours of digging through the ground.

An experienced excavation contractor has the proper safety gear and knows how to use the equipment in the best possible way. If a crisis occurs, they will always know how to handle each situation in the best possible way. This is why it is best to leave the work to the experts.

Best Time To Hire A Contractor

When choosing the right time to hire a contractor, you should consider three factors:

  1. Is a specific time of the year that’s better for the project you’re doing? For instance, if you’re planning to plant a new garden, early spring might be the best time for excavation in Monahans, TX. You want an inground pool installed before summer, especially if you’re installing one!
  2. Are there any discounts for hiring a contractor during a certain time of the year? If your property is excavated later in the year for a new pool, you might receive a discount since many homeowners want their in-ground pool installed before summer. Construction projects may also benefit from fall excavations, so you may be able to save money if you dig a foundation for a garage or other outbuilding in the fall.
  3. In hiring an excavator, it’s also important to consider if certain seasons would make excavation in Midland TX work especially challenging, if not impossible. For instance, it becomes difficult to dig in hardened soil after frost settles on the ground. During the summertime, your local area might also be stormy, resulting in muddy soil and a pit that is more susceptible to collapse. Consult an excavating contractor if you aren’t sure when the best time is to schedule your excavation work.

How To Hire The Right Excavation Contractor Near You?

The decision to hire an excavation contractor shouldn’t be taken lightly. You will need to compare several companies’ services to get the best value and results you expect. A truly informed decision should also include customer testimonials, certifications, and quotes comparisons.

Please feel free to compare RR Waste & Septic’s excavation services with our competitors. We are confident that you will find our excavation services to be superior! No matter your project, you can count on our team to deliver in these locations.


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