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Don’t Allow A Septic Tank Problem To Bust Your ‘bubble’ This Christmas

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With Christmas just around the corner, friends and family will gather at your house to celebrate this joyous time of year. Having guests over for a few days or hosting parties at home can mean extra water usage. The septic tank installed for a family of four is suddenly being used by a house with eight to ten more people living in it. It can cause havoc on your plans if the system is old, partially clogged, or already full. Backed-up septic is the last thing you need when you have a house full of guests!

Thankfully, you can take some simple steps to avoid an unnecessary septic tank pumping near me during the holidays. Make this plan a priority now to avoid any issues that would dampen your holiday celebration.

The following are 6 septic system safety tips to consider during the Christmas season:

6 Ways to Avoid Septic Tank Pumping During the Christmas

1. Get your home water-efficient

You may already be feeling the strain if you have additional guests over. Overloading your system with water can cause your system to be damaged, weakened, or blocked.

Your appliances can be made more efficient by using less water, reducing the work required to maintain your septic tank’s longevity.

Water conservation can be done in a variety of ways. Take help from septic tank pumping services in Midland, TX, to install efficient toilets and showerheads and only wash full loads of clothes; you can reduce water consumption, save money, and overload your septic. 

2. Divide the shower routine across the day

The average shower lasts five minutes and uses about 100L of water. It is possible to save water by taking shorter showers throughout the day, reducing the amount of water your system consumes daily. Whether your guests prefer to take their showers at night or in the morning, consider taking yours in the morning.

3. Ensure that you have pumped out your tank before the company arrives

Consider septic tank pumping midland before family visiting or hosts a large event. Your tank is accustomed to operating at a particular level, depending on its size and that of your home. If you expect guests from outside the area to spend extended periods, it is important to ensure that your system is functioning optimally. This will prevent any embarrassing backups.

4. Take good care of your toilet and kitchen sink

You need to be very careful when you throw something down the toilet. Flushing everything except human waste is not a good idea. In contrast, other things, such as baby wipes and used tissues, do not break down and do not enter the environment. 

Similarly, the waste you put in the sink directly influences your septic system. As a result, you need to be careful not to throw eggshells, coffee grounds, or other hard materials into the sink when you wash dishes. To summarize, only biodegradable food should be cleaned in it. 

5. Keep your drainage field protected

Depending on where your septic system drains, it may not be as important as the tank itself as to where it drains to. Water cannot efficiently escape a tank if a drainage field becomes waterlogged. The drainage field should never be parked on or driven on; trees should never be planted in the area, as this could lead to root intrusion problems. 

6. Call in a professional ASAP!

If your septic tank backs up or is damaged, you should immediately call septic tank pumping services near me to fix the problem. Ignoring the issue will only make things worse as time goes on. If repair work is put off until the weather warms up, it will cost you more in the long run because the repair costs will rise as the damage worsens. Let your septic system work for you, so you don’t have to worry about it during the holiday season. Do your best to fix the problem as soon as possible!

Septic systems require regular maintenance. Having your septic system pumped and inspected regularly ensures your holiday season goes smoothly. Preventing problems from occurring is the best way to resolve them.

Schedule Emergency Septic Tank Pumping Near Midland TX

RR Waste & Septic is a service-oriented company that provides septic tank cleaning, pumping, and excavation services. When others leave behind a job unfinished, we take pride in taking care of it. Our professionals can clean your septic tank if you need a new effluent filter or you need a new effluent filter.

Feel free to contact us if you suspect any problems during the Christmas holidays with your septic system or if you require emergency septic tank pumping near me. With years of experience handling septic emergencies, we know what to do. Septic systems are complex, but we are experts at handling them.

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