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Inquiries to Make Before Renting a Portable Restroom


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Hosting a large-scale event comes with many responsibilities, and choosing the right portable toilet on rent is one of them. However, it will not be a simple procedure where you can just purchase portable rental toilets. You need to take care of certain things when looking for renting portable toilets near me. Let this article be a guide to give you an idea of the inquiries you can make before renting a portable restroom.

Is the business licensed, insured, and bonded?

The first thing you must check before finding a portable toilet rental near me is if the company has the license and insurance and check their previous track records and client reviews. Do not neglect while going through their business records because that can have negative repercussions in the future. To avoid any risk and prevent a situation where you may have to spend some extra bucks, ensure that you hire a reliable service provider for the event.

What Amenities Come With the Toilet?

Every organizer’s main motto is to make their event unique. Therefore, when you order the porta potty on rental, ensure it is classy enough to provide restroom services to your guests. Some special amenities that you can look for include:

  • Toilet paper Refills
  • Multiple stalls
  • Soap
  • Sanitiser
  • Hand sanitizing station

Always remember that the amenities the companies provide can give your guest a good hospitality experience. So research and choose the company based on their track records and reviews.
Before renting portable toilets, you must find out the services the company provides for the events they cater to. If you are hosting a large-scale event, the rental porta potty company must come up with services such as delivery, installation, bulk water supply, and removal of the portable rental toilets when the event is over.

Do they provide service in your location?

First, you need to inform the service provider about the location where you’ll be requiring their services. Some companies only provide service in states, counties or metropolitan areas. For instance, we provide service for porta potties in Alpine, Big Spring, Midland, Fort Stockton, Monohans, Pecos, Wickett, and nearby areas in Texas. To get a free estimate for your event, Call us today!

How Many Portable Restrooms Will You Need?

This is a mandatory and one of the most important questions for all the porta potty renters. While you are considering renting a portable toilet, you have to consider two crucial things:

  • Size of the guest list
  • Type of event you are hosting

For large-scale events, like any public event, it is difficult to determine the headcount. For events like this, always overestimate to be on the safer side.
If you are hosting a birthday or small get-together at a park, you can get away with a couple of restrooms. However, the scenario will be different regarding hosting a large-scale event.

How often do they need to be cleaned?

Like any other restroom, porta potties must also be cleaned to ensure that customers use them safely. If it is a short event, then the restroom providers may empty the tank for you, but it is something that you have to negotiate by yourself. Nobody will want to use an unclean portable restroom. So for any large-scale event, you must invest in a company that provides cleaning staff and materials to keep the porta potties spick & span throughout the event. It is imperative to keep the porta potties clean during the event, to maintain the guests’ positive experience.

What can you expect as far as hours from the rental company?

If the event ends before time and you want to avoid keeping the portable toilet on rental in Hobbs, for any longer- ask if the company is providing 24/7 service or not. Once you get the confirmation, it will be easier for you to keep pace with the event, and you will end your party on a good note. Each company differs when you’re comparing how much it costs to rent a porta-potty. Look at the quotes & after-sale services each company is providing to make an informed decision.

Where Can I Rent A Portable Toilet Near Fort Stockton, TX?

In every event, the organizer’s prior focus is to keep the event classy and neat. Get in touch with RR Waste & Septic to get superior quality of portable toilets near Fort Stockton, TX. We have garnered the trust and loyalty of locals through years of unfaltering service & happy customers. We have a varied list of portable toilets for rental that you can choose from, which can accommodate all your needs. Reach out to us today for a quote or an estimate for our goods or services.

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