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Signs That Indicate Septic Tank Cleaning Is Now Inevitable

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Commercial and residential properties that are not connected with public sewage systems depend on septic systems to store solid waste and raw sewage. The average capacity of most tanks are around 750 to 1,250 gallons.  

Routine septic tank cleaning is essential to prevent sewage backups, and unwanted costly repairs. The importance of cleaning is quite logical, but the question is, when should you clean your tank? This post aims to answer that. Below are a few signs indicating that you should call an expert for commercial or residential septic tank cleaning.

#1 Sewage Backups

Sewage can quickly backup in your home or office if your septic tank is full. You should always keep your eyes open for sewage backups as it is one of the most prominent indications of the septic cleaning urge. Ignoring this sign is equivalent to encouraging sewage backups which will eventually cause expensive or even permanent damage.

#2 Bad Smell

It is another common sign that indicates that the time for cleaning your septic tank has come. Let’s understand how foul-smelling fumes from the tank can help us predict that it requires an urgent cleaning. Well, we all know that human or organic waste has a foul smell, but thankfully, septic tanks can suppress it when they are in an efficient working condition. Once they are full or near to being full, the unpleasant odor will fume from the tank, and infiltrate with air. 

Leaks or cracks in your tank can also cause a foul smell, but that’s a rare chance. So, we would recommend not to take the unpleasant odor that is fuming from the tank. Instead, call a septic tank specialist immediately who will thoroughly check your tank and take the right measure (including septic tank cleaning) to fix the issue.

Commercial Septic Tank Cleaning

#3 Problems with Flushing

Are you facing challenges when attempting to flush your toilet? Are sinks and tubs draining slow at your home or office? Then it can be a sign that your septic tank is full. Due to this, gurgling water and issues with flushing are accounted as essential indications that will help you gauge whether or not you should schedule residential or commercial septic tank cleaning. 

Bonus Tip

Although tanks need to be cleaned at some point, users are still requested to follow some best practices to minimize their impacts on the septic system and pipes. Below are a few items that you should avoid washing into sinks or flushing down into toilets to ensure that your septic system runs smoothly for a long time without the frequent need for commercial septic tank cleaning and maintenance. The list includes:

  1. Flushable wipes
  2. Sanitary napkins 
  3. Diapers
  4. Chemicals
  5. Grease or cooking oil
  6. Cat litter
  7. Cotton balls and other personal care items
  8. Paper towels 
  9. Tampons
  10. Napkins
  11. Hair etc. 

Contact an experienced septic cleaning service provider immediately if you notice any signs mentioned above. A reliable septic tank repair and maintenance company will be your best bet for commercial tank cleaning. RR Waste & Septic, Inc. has been one of the most trusted companies in this field, serving clients since 1981. You can count on us a full range of septic system services like:

  • Septic Installation
  • Septic repair
  • Septic tank cleaning
  • Aerobic maintenance
  • Pump outs etc. 

Contact us now to discuss your septic system problem with one of our experts. Let us fix your septic tank issues and save your life from getting miserable due to sewage backups.

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