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Top 5 Advantages of Renting Handwashing Stations


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When arranging an event, you’ll need to rent a lot of things. When preparing your event, don’t forget to think about portable hand washing stations. You could be debating whether or not to rent portable sinks for your event. We’ll look at the reasons why renting handwashing stations can be useful, as well as the scenarios in which they would be of great importance. 

Portable handwashing stations are highly useful in situations and environments when access to clean water is required immediately. They’re ideal for use in construction worksites, farmers markets, festivals, concerts and a variety of other places where a wash station is necessary. 

Check out the advantages of rentable portable hand washing stations:

#1. Enough Room to Wash Your Hands Properly

People require ample room to physically undertake the task of washing their hands in order to prevent the spread of bacteria and illness. 

A portable hand washing station has a large reservoir sink that allows users to wash their hands, wrists, and arms if necessary. Other conveniences that place handwashing stations over other cleaning options are included in the space that comes with the requirement to wash your hands correctly.

Antibacterial soap and paper towels are provided at handwashing stations to ensure that hands are properly washed.

#2. Hand-Washing Stations Are Environmentally Friendly

Portable sinks feature their own tank, allowing them to be self-contained and operate without the use of sewage systems.  

#3. You’ll Be Able To Provide More Comfort To Your Guests

If you make the participants feel at ease, you will earn a positive reputation. When big groups of people gather and existing facilities are inadequate, renting portable sinks might be a useful service. When there is no access to water, such as at an outdoor event, renting portable sinks can be quite beneficial.

You’ll find that these portable sinks are extremely sturdy and easy to use.  Our portable hand wash stations are filled with enough water to keep them from tipping over.  They can be a very useful element of any event’s daily schedule because they ensure that the participants’ fundamental necessities are met.

#4. Food Contamination at Parties Can Be Avoided

When planning amenities for individual events, keep the food-to-guest ratio in mind. People will eat, use your porta potties to relieve themselves, and then return to dining. One of the most common sources of food contamination at gatherings is improper hand washing. Simply by not washing their hands correctly, someone who is even slightly ill can send a large number of people to home unwell. 

#5. Make a Long-Term Impression

You don’t realize how important portable sanitation is until you get it correctly. The last thing you want your event goers to say is that the “Portable toilets are awful, and I can’t wash my hands”.  Portable sinks can help by providing the means to wash your hands as needed. 

It is critical to make a good first impression if you want people to talk positively about your event or return.


We at R & R Equipment Rentals understand how vital it is to stay clean when using the restroom in general, and especially more so at large social occasions. We are the leading provider of portable handwashing stations in West Texas. Our technicians make sure that each handwashing station is clean, convenient, and comfortable for each customer. We always provide prompt service. We’re capable of handling any job, big or small.

If you want to keep your hands clean, make sure you have a number of rental handwashing stations for your next event to keep things tidy. Contact us at 432-943-7828 to discuss your requirements.

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