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Types of Portable Toilets Explained: A Comprehensive Renter’s Guide for Midland, TX


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The most important part of any outdoor special event or worksite is ensuring the patrons have unlimited toilet facility access. This is why it’s best to rent temporary mobile restroom facilities at affordable prices and provide basic amenities irrespective of the location.

While we’re on the topic, it’s imperative to discuss that many may not be aware that there’s not just one type of portable toilet, but three. If this sounds like you, or you’re planning an event and want to know what options are available, we’re here to educate! This list goes through the different types of portable restrooms in Midland, Texas, how to choose between them, and much more so you can decide on the perfect fit for your needs.

How To Choose The Right Size of a Portable Toilet?

Expert outdoor sanitation experts in Midland, Texas, reveal that to select the right size portable toilet, you should consider the following:

  • The Total Number of guests
  • Size of venue/area
  • Desired amenities

Generally, you need about two porta-potty rentals for every 100 people. You should also consider the space you have. For instance, a concert venue will have more space available than a campsite and will thus require a bigger outdoor sanitation facility.

Finally, you should consider if you need any extra amenities, such as a vanity area or an interior safety unit. Once you’ve chosen your desired model, you can request an estimate from your desired service to determine how many portable restrooms you need.

Reasons For Renting A Portable Rental In Midland, TX?

1. They Offer Flexibility

The best part about portable restrooms in Midland, Texas, is their flexibility. Therefore, you can place them just about anywhere that suits your needs. At RR Waste & Septic, we work closely with you to curate a sanitation solution. We help you pick a suitable out-of-photo location and help you decide on how many portable toilets you actually need for your party, event, or worksite.

2. They are Cost-Effective

Have you considered renting out a separate building near your event or construction site specifically for bathroom access? Don’t do it! You can get much more bang for your buck when renting our affordable sanitation stations in Midland, TX.

3. They are Convenient

Sometimes, finding a mobile toilet facility at a large event or big event is a hassle. As a responsible host, it’s your duty not to leave your guests or crew members astray searching for a restroom. Outdoor porta potties from RR Waste & Septic can be simply footsteps away from high-traffic areas and visible areas, providing your attendants with a handy way to relieve themselves.

Types of Portable Toilets

1. Standard units

Standard porta potties are your best bet if you need affordable porta potties for a construction site or at an outdoor event. They’re lightweight, compact, and sturdy. They even have anti-slip flooring and a translucent top that brightens the interiors.

2. VIP Porta Potties

Our VIP luxury portable restroom rentals are elegant, clean, and perfect for weddings, concerts, or special events. These high-end portable sanitation units feature amenities like air conditioning, heating, flushing toilets, and sinks with running water. Compared to our standard units, they have 24% more interior space and are best suited for outdoor events and functions.

3. Handicap-accessible units

As the name suggests, you can also opt for our handicap-accessible or wheelchair-friendly portable restrooms to cater to people with physical disabilities. They’re ADA-compliant and feature a large interior space, a handrail, and a wider door for wheelchair access. They’re typically more spacious than the extra-large models and extremely comfortable.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Mobile Restroom Trailer Rental

Although portable toilets in Midland, Texas, are self-contained units, waste still needs to be removed routinely. Typically, a qualified worker will connect a vacuum to the holding tank or water tank and then suction waste into a tanker truck. The tank is then filled with fresh water and chemicals. At RR Waste & Septic, we offer proper maintenance service, covering general cleaning and checking for any minor or major issues such as leakage, overflowing, or blocks.

Why Choose Portable Restrooms From RR Waste & Septic?

1. Premium Porta toilets

With our superior portable restroom trailers, you can experience comfort reimagined. Our units raise the bar for porta potties in Midland, TX, by being easy, adequately ventilated, and spacious, offering an outdoor interior experience.

2. Convenient Location

Seamless Integration is our area of expertise. Our skilled crew carefully installs the temporary portable toilets to improve availability and reduce inconvenience. Our intelligent positioning guarantees the best user convenience, whether it’s a busy event or a small work site.

3. Excellent Hygiene

Our team at RR Waste & Septic understands your security is paramount. Our exacting outdoor sanitation and cleaning process ensures a hygienic area. You can use our mobile restroom facilities confidently because each unit is thoroughly cleansed before and after use, and our doting team ensures that the necessities like toilet paper and soap are always stocked.

4. Event-Ready

Our outdoor porta potty rentals in Midland, TX, combine value with elegance for events. We offer guests a clean and enjoyable experience while also being designed to blend in with your event’s ambiance.

Let our expert professionals at RR Waste & Septic handle your loo arrangements so you can concentrate more on planning a spectacular event!

Final Takeaway

Renting a porta potty rental provides reliable and hygienic restroom facilities for outdoor events and construction sites. With thorough research and understanding, you can easily rent the most suitable portable toilet for your budget and specific requirements.

Midland, Texas, has a lot of construction, and the community is booming. With our premium quality portable toilet rentals, RR Waste & Septic ensures your project keeps moving. With more than 40 years of experience in the industry, we’re the premier provider of porta potties in Midland, TX. Our outdoor sanitation facilities are suitable for construction sites, sporting events, concerts, festivals, or any other kind of seasonal or special event. With our convenient and affordable mobile restroom facilities, you can focus on the more important aspects of your project.

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