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RR Waste & Septic has been providing essential rental services to the customers of West Texas for over 40 years. We provide clean, fresh and hygienic portable toilets and hand wash stations throughout the Permian Basin. Our fleet of trash trailers will ensure your job sites stay clean and our light towers will ensure work will not stop when the sun goes down.

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Light Tower Rentals

In construction sites, work doesn’t always end when the sun goes down. Renting light towers is essential in job sites to work at night. You may also have to rent light towers to work in such areas where natural lighting conditions are poor.  RR Waste & Septic is a leading rental service provider offering a broad selection of high-quality light tower rentals. Our light towers can be used in remote job sites, parking lots, construction sites, etc.

Our modular light towers are equipped with all the features you need to work efficiently, even at night.  They are not just any light source but capable of producing daylight-quality light. Our light towers are made of durable materials that can withstand any weather condition and work environment. You can rely on our light tower rental to continue working at night.

Energy Efficient

Our light towers are 40% more fuel-efficient, resulting in less operating costs compared to many other light towers.

High Performance

It is not always necessary or beneficial to buy all your construction equipment.  Sometimes it is better to contact an industrial rental company like  RR Waste & Septic to rent what you need. As a full-service rental company, we specialize in renting portable toilets, dumpsters, light towers, etc. By renting construction equipment from us, you can save your company from making a huge upfront investment. Our light towers are high-performing and convenient. You can easily move them from one place to another and solve your purposes.

Poor lighting conditions at construction or remote job sites are not ideal for working. It may cause accidents and affect the overall quality of the project. You can prevent these by renting our high-performing light towers.  RR Waste & Septic is the most reliable company to rent premium light towers at affordable prices. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help.

Areas We Serve

 RR Waste & Septic provides light towers for rental that will brighten your job site and cost less than purchasing the equipment. We make renting as easy as possible by offering flexible financing options and extensive rental stock. Online rental requests can be submitted, or you can visit us at one of our convenient locations for renting a light tower.

  • Light Towers Monahans, TX
  • Light Towers Midland, TX
  • Light Towers Hobbs, NM
  • Light Towers Big Spring TX
  • Light Towers Pecos TX
  • Light Towers Stockton TX


1. How long can I rent a light tower for?

You can rent a light tower in Monahans, Pecos TX, at any time that suits you.  RR Waste & Septic offers variable light tower rental durations to fit your project timeline, whether you need it for a day, a week, or even longer.

2. What is the rental cost of a light tower?

The price to rent a light tower in Stockton, TX, varies according to the length of the rental, the particular type selected, and any extra services or accessories needed. Please get in touch with  RR Waste & Septic directly for up-to-date price information.

3. Can I operate the light tower, or must I hire a technician?

The light towers in Midland, TX, are simple to use and may be operated by anyone. However,  RR Waste & Septic offers qualified professionals that can help you for an additional cost if you’d rather have a technician handle the setup and operation.

4. How many light towers do I need for my construction site?

The size of the site, the amount of illumination required, and any special lighting needed all play a role in determining how many light towers are needed for your construction site lighting. Based on the requirements of your project,  RR Waste & Septic can advise you and suggest the ideal number of light towers.

5. What are the key features when renting light towers for a construction site?

The height and lighting coverage area of the light towers, fuel efficiency, noise levels, durability, and simplicity of movement are important factors to consider when hiring them for a building site. To satisfy your unique needs,  RR Waste & Septic offers a variety of light towers with various features.


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