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5 Reasons For Needing Temporary Fencing On Construction Sites


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Fatalities and environmental contamination risks are present on any construction site, isolated or in a residential neighborhood. This risk can be minimized through proper sectioning and enforcement of safety regulations. The industry has therefore made temporary fencing a standard practice around construction sites. Almost all domestic and industrial construction sites require fencing, especially when explosions or excavations occur. The industry has therefore made temporary fencing a standard practice around construction sites.

Is there a reason they keep it there?

Any construction site must comply with local building regulations for safety and security reasons. The most obvious reason is this. Due to its usefulness, there are several other reasons to use it. This blog aims to provide some reasons why temporary construction fence rental near me is necessary for every construction site, as well as some ways in which temporary fencing is useful to workers and passersby. Let’s begin!

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Why is it necessary to put a temporary fence around a construction site?

1. Control of rubbish on construction sites

Large amounts of waste are generated on all construction sites due to excavation activities. It includes debris and materials, such as timber, concrete, scrap metal, electrical wiring, insulation, and chemicals, which can be classified as debris and materials. With no barriers to confine the construction site, these waste products are blown into the neighborhood during extreme weather conditions, such as storms. Temporary construction fence rental, such as silt barriers, security link fences, or shade clothes, reduces contamination and hazards. Construction sites are adequately protected by fencing, even in high wind or wet conditions.

2. Maintain compliance with government regulations.

There may be different guidelines in each state regarding safety regulations, but most states have almost uniform safety requirements for construction sites to add temporary fence rentals near me. Local governments have different construction authorities that can offer guidelines to contractors when it comes to construction work. Regardless of the location of your property, you must have a safety fence before you begin construction on your property. Legal problems may arise if you do not follow the guidelines. Construction costs are often high, and you don’t want noncompliance lawsuits or temporary construction delays to increase. A compliance program also protects you against lawsuits from trespassers who may suffer injuries. Unless you comply with all safety regulations, you may end up paying large damages for injuries sustained on your site, further increasing your development costs.

3. Limiting danger’s access

In residential and commercial areas, numerous dangers are concealed behind fences to keep the public and unauthorized visitors out. Construction activities require only authorized personnel on the site to avoid dangerous or life-threatening situations. In addition, large machines such as tractors, trailers, and concrete mixers can also cause injuries if used by or near the general public, especially in residential areas. Construction areas should be securely fenced off in bad weather or disaster-prone areas to reduce the risk of accidents. Choosing temporary fence rental panels with the right height and width measurements will enable you to restrict public access to the site. At the same time, it still withstands extreme weather conditions during the construction process.

4. Affordability

Fencing is needed on construction sites, which can be damaged or worn out over time, particularly during long projects. It is often difficult to adjust the height or size of permanent fencing that measures the width of the space, which can be expensive. Alternatively, you can hire a construction fence rental near me as a solution for any budget, allowing you to get the correct fence size and type.

5. Maintain Accessibility

The accessibility of construction sites is an essential part of the construction process. It is imperative for heavy machinery, trucks loaded with materials, and tool trailers to all be able to drive into the work zone with ease if you want your project to run smoothly. In addition to providing maximum accessibility to your work area, temporary fencing minimizes the risk of your construction site’s compromised safety and security. As your construction project progresses and access points are changed, you can reconfigure each fence panel individually. To accommodate changes to the access point of the fence, a temporary gate can be relocated to a different section of fencing. A temporary construction fencing rental allows you to keep your equipment, vendors, subcontractors, and others at your construction site easily accessible due to its flexibility and mobility.

Renting Construction Fencing Near Your Area

An active worksite should be fenced in with a well-constructed, safe fence. Construction site fencing is not subject to specific bylaws, but there are often restrictions based on liability protection and insurance. You can prevent Occupational Health and Safety infractions by renting a temporary fence for your employees, contractors, and company. RR Waste & Septic offers temporary construction fence rentals for construction sites that need active work. With years of experience handling construction fence rental, RR Waste & Septic has you covered. Let us help you find the right fence for your personal or professional projects, whether on worksites or at events.


Protect your construction site and avoid lawsuits by taking the necessary precautions. Get competitive rates on temporary construction fences by contacting RR Waste & Septic today.

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