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5 Different Types of Porta-Potties and How to Choose


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Even though you probably don’t think about porta potties all the time, you could find yourself in a position where you need to rent a portable bathroom. If so, you’ll be happy to know the ins and outs of portable toilets so you can choose the appropriate model for your gathering.

Porta-potty rentals are occasionally required for events like festivals, sporting competitions, outdoor weddings, and construction sites.

Renting portable toilets is an obvious solution if there aren’t enough facilities available at the event location. It is crucial to know available options when renting portable toilets for an event, as several different types are available. If you want to rent a porta potty in Hobbs, NM, do contact RR Waste & Septic.

Types of Porta Potties

1. Regular Portable Restroom

The most fundamental and typical choice is a portable toilet. It can be the best choice if you require a lot of portable toilet rentals. Most likely, you’ve ridden in one of them before.

These are fantastic for events like concerts, festivals, and other sizable gatherings where you need a lot of them to accommodate the crowd. There are regulations governing how many of them must be provided in specific locations, like construction sites.

2. Portable Restroom with Sink

It’s incredibly helpful to have portable restrooms with sinks, paper towels, and soap dispensers, especially in places with restricted access to sinks. The luxury of not looking for water or soap to wash their hands will be appreciated by your visitors or other people using the porta toilet rental. Check out RR Waste & Septic to rent portable toilets Monahans, TX.

3. Portable flush toilets

Consider a flushable portable toilet if you want to enhance your portable restrooms. A flushable porta potty offers a flushable toilet with a holding tank, an improvement over a regular porta potty tank while remaining portable. You might want to invest in the flushable style if you host a special event, like a wedding or a sizable party.

Many include a mirror, paper towels, soap dispenser, and sink. An outdoor toilet might not be the best option, but a flushing toilet might ease some of the agonies.

4. Mounted on a Trailer

One can find both portable and flushing toilets in trailer-mounted portable restrooms. A portable toilet mounted on a trailer is an additional choice. As opposed to a regular toilet, which must be placed on a stable flat surface, this type of toilet sits on a trailer. They are available in both arrangements.

5. Compliant ADA

Make sure there are some ADA-compliant porta toilets available if you are having a public event. These units are larger and provide the space needed to use the restroom for a person with a disability or mobility challenges. They are sufficiently large to accommodate a wheelchair or walker inside the apartment.

How to choose porta potties for your construction site?

While selecting porta potties for your construction site, keep these few points in consideration:

1. Shade

Positioning porta toilets in a shaded area might lessen the hot box effect produced by the plastic hut. This issue is less noticeable for trailer-style portable restrooms but can significantly impact conventional porta potties. The scent of portable toilets can be affected by heat and congestion. Shade can make a significant difference in keeping porta potties hygienic and appealing enough for people to use them. Consider renting a modest tent to give shade if your project doesn’t have a shaded area.

2. Accessibility

A professional service needs access to porta potties to clean the interior and empty the holding tank. Make sure the location of the portable toilets allows access for the service company to reach them. RR Waste & Septic is among the top providers for Porta-potty rental in Monahans, tx.

3. Survival

The status of various areas on the site may change as projects continue. Halfway through a project, you don’t want to have to move and transfer porta toilets. Try your best to locate restrooms in a location where they can remain for the duration of a project.

If you are looking for rental porta potties, google portable toilet rental near me, and you will find the best service providers around you. However, if you are looking for a porta-potty rental Midland, TX area, RR Waste & Septic is your best choice.

What Type of Porta-Potties Do do You Require?

One needs to keep in mind different factors while deciding on porta-potties:

  • Number of people
  • The duration it is required for
  • Type of event taking place
  • Your Budget

Only after considering these factors can one decide on the kind of porta potties they want to hire. If you are hiring portable toilets in Monahans, TX, RR Waste & Septic will guide you with the best options that suit your situation well.


Do your homework before renting a portable restroom if you’re in the market. Think about the kind of event, the people using the portable toilets, and their potential needs. Use an outside portable toilet that will satisfy their demands to keep your visitors comfortable.
Contact RR Waste & Septic porta potties Monahans TX area right now if you’re ready for a quote for your upcoming event. We’ll work with you to decide what you require and how many portable toilets are ideal for your gathering.

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