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Can Garbage Disposal & Septic System Be Used Together?

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Understanding Septic System & Garbage Disposal

Before using the septic system and garbage disposal, you must understand the basics. In this article, you will get a brief idea about the effects of using a septic system and garbage disposal together and share some tips for maintaining and repairing the septic system.

Basics of garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is attached to the underside of the sink drain, which grinds food waste before the particle goes into the drainpipe.
It features an electric motor and a grinding chamber holding food waste. Shredding blades inside the holding chamber slice the food materials while propelling components direct the particles and the accompanying water down the drain.
Once you send the food waste into the holding chamber, the garbage disposals are activated using the stopper. Other disposals are active when you fill-up the chamber and start to run the water.

Basics of the Septic system

A Septic system is a type of wastewater treatment plant that uses mechanical technology and gravity to treat wastewater from your house. Then it directs the water to the main sewer line.
Wastewater from the home plumbing system flows into the septic tank, whereas the solid materials settle when the pretreated liquid flows to the drain field.
In the drain field, microorganisms in the soil also treat the pretreated water before mixing with groundwater.

Effects of using them together

Some homeowners use under-the-sink garbage disposals exactly as they would use a trash bin.
Poor garbage disposals include:

  • Pouring fat, grease, and oil down the disposal
  • Forcing large amounts of food into the disposal
  • Throwing the expendable food down the garbage disposal
  • Sending hard-to-grind food such as bone, coffee grounds, and tough vegetables down the drain
  • Disposing of the non-biodegradable items

These practices have several effects on your septic system including:

  • Increased load

The Septic tank load has the maximum amount of solids that the tank can handle. When the number of solid materials entering the tank crosses a certain level, the tank’s microorganisms cannot break down and purify the solids from the liquid.
Disposal of the garbage can send a huge amount of solids down the drain and into the septic tank. An increase in the solid waste rate slows the solids’ capacity from the liquid.
Overloading diminishes the safety and efficiency of your septic system. RR Waste & Septic provides septic maintenance contracts in Midland, TX.

  • Clogged drain lines

Large food particles and Fog from the garbage disposal can block the drainage pipes connecting to the septic system. Clogs and blockages along the drain lines will drastically diminish wastewater flows into the septic tank for treatment purposes.
It results in many problems, including slow drains, toilets, sewage backup, toilets that will flush slowly or will not flush, and emit foul odors.
You do not have to worry about the clogged drain lines anymore because RR Waste & Septic provides septic maintenance contracts in Pecos TX as well.

Consult a Septic tank maintenance contractor near you

The garbage disposal can take the fuss out of managing kitchen waste. Proper septic system maintenance can offer you more than 15 years of service, and improper use of garbage disposals can shave years off the septic system. It is quite obvious to be confused about the septic tank maintenance contractor. But you will be happy to know that RR Waste & Septic has provided septic maintenance contracts in Monahans, TX for over 40 years. So reach out to us for an appointment and get your maintenance done, before it’s too late.


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