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Why is Renting Light Towers a Better Option Than Buying It?


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There are perks to an overnight construction job. Local businesses and communities are minimized disruptions as a result. As well as making it safer for workers to perform their duties, there is less traffic to contend with.

Light towers in Monahans, tx, are becoming increasingly popular, with contractors focusing more on working through the night. When more than one light tower is needed, rental is a great option for products such as light towers. The choice between renting and purchasing involves many considerations. Portable Light towers are the right choice for all contractors, but it is important to know the renting process than purchasing.

Renting a Light Towers

Although price is a major consideration, it is not the only one when deciding whether to purchase or rent light towers in midland, tx. Renting is a wise choice for contractors who want to avoid unexpected costs, such as repairs, insurance, and depreciation.

Furthermore, being able to use the latest models is a luxury. Low prices do not always guarantee the best deal. Renters may also value timely technical support during operation if the job is complex and/or critical. Technical support is essential for their productivity when contractors have a small team.

Owning all your own construction equipment isn’t always necessary or advantageous. Renting equipment can be a real advantage for your business in some cases:

Convenience: Mobile light tower rentals for the exact duration you need. You rent it at the beginning of your project and return it at the end. It doesn’t require any storage space when not in use.

Investment: Equipment that isn’t frequently used can waste valuable capital that could be put to better use elsewhere. Rather than sitting on unused equipment or renting lets, you keep your cash flow working for you.

Maintenance: Equipment rentals take care of the maintenance of a light tower. As soon as you pick up your equipment, we ensure it’s ready to use and inspect and maintain it thoroughly between uses.

Benefits of renting light towers for your construction sites

1. Cost

A construction event is a planned task that lasts for several weeks or months and a long time. It can cost thousands to build a light tower. It is usually cheaper for light tower rentals than to purchase one. If purchasing a light tower, refueling and maintaining the fuel system can be very expensive. It is usually cheaper for light tower rentals than to purchase one.
Buying a light tower can lead to significant expenses when it comes to refueling and maintaining the fuel system. You must also take fuel into account when calculating your cost. The first fuel tank is included in some companies’ rental prices.

2. Storage and Maintenance

You would have to store a light tower as well as perform routine and emergency maintenance on it if you purchased one. You should rent equipment from a company that keeps the equipment locked, washes and cleans it regularly, and performs regular maintenance on it so that it is in perfect condition inside and outside.

3. Personalized Placement

No matter the size of the event, there are still many factors to consider.
To ensure you get the best solution for your event, pick a rental company with a sales representative who will ask questions and visit your site. By providing the best solution for the area, your salesperson should be responsible for every aspect of the event. The most common solution involves balancing the appropriate placement of lighting and sound reduction since the unit does make noise when running. By providing the best solution for the area, your salesperson should be responsible for every aspect of the event.

Choose Light Tower Rentals Near Me

R & R Equipment Rental places a high priority on customer satisfaction. We are proud to provide the best solutions and services in the industry. Our portable light towers are popular in the event industry and provide a brighter and more fuel-efficient solution. By pushing a button, the towers self-crank instead of being manually cranked, which is time-consuming and difficult!

The towers come with standard outlets, which allow vendors with small power requirements to plug in without a generator. Using the towers’ timers, the user does not have to be on-site or remember to turn the lights on and off every day. Light tower rentals near me are responsible for overseeing all rental and fulfillment processes. Meanwhile, the installation team and expert technicians ensure the equipment is delivered and set up just as you requested.


Many construction companies are prioritizing saving money in today’s uncertain times. There are many advantages to using light towers in Hobbs, NM, including convenience and environmental friendliness. Buying is more expensive than renting a construction light tower because you have to make a down payment, and renters only pay for light for as long as they use it.
You simply need to have your rented light tower replaced if there is a mechanical issue. You can improve productivity and keep your people safe by installing light towers. Let our light experts help you prosper and grow your business. Give us a call today, or fix an appointment to visit our store.

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