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Top Benefits of Renting Portable Toilets at Construction and Oil & Gas Sites


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On any construction, drilling or remote work site, portable toilets are invaluable resources and have numerous benefits for clients, workers, and the environment. It is necessary to have portable toilets at construction sites for hygiene purposes. This article will guide you through the benefits of renting portable toilets at construction sites and oil and gas sites such as drilling, boring, pipeline and other remote work sites.

To improve the productivity and utilization of portable toilets, it’s necessary to understand the benefits of portable toilets and why you might need one during your next project!


To maintain sanitation in the environment, portable toilets play a key role. It provides workers with access to restrooms that help in maintaining hygiene. It is convenient for everyone. It would be a bit uncomfortable for people on the construction site if the restroom is not fully functional. So it is important to utilize portable toilets at construction sites that are clean, functional, and affordable.

Sanitation becomes easy

If there is no such system for portable toilets at construction sites, it can affect workers’ health in the long term. Unsanitary conditions may increase the health risk of the workers and make unsightly messes. They can file compensation against employers because of the poor sanitation system. An easy alternative is to use portable toilets, as they are cost-effective and, with the proper maintenance schedule, can provide sanitary workers many uses for months at a time.

Eco friendly

Portable toilets are eco-friendly. They help preserve water and can be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner. Providing and maintaining portable toilets and hand wash stations for construction and oil field workers create a better work environment. Providing portable toilets at the construction site for workers would be eco-friendly, as less water will be disposed of. It reduces the possible health hazards caused by unhygienic conditions.


One of the best advantages of having portable toilets at construction sites is that workers can perform without hesitation and not waste too much time driving to another location. It helps them to increase their productivity at construction sites. Rather than searching for some lavatory options, workers can use mobile rental toilets, saving time and money, and avoiding unnecessary time and stress searching outside the worksite.


To maintain the company’s safety, efficiency, and value, choose a portable toilet company that is dependable, high quality and operates safely. RR Waste & Septic offers a wide multitude of options when it comes to portable toilets designed to meet all your needs.


Portable toilets are always in demand for their transportability. They are designed to be placed anywhere, as they are self-contained. You need enough space to place it, and it will meet all your needs. As there are no facilities at the construction site, portable toilets work as a popular solution. There are no such plumbing issues and no risk of getting clogged and overflowing.

How do portable toilets work?

It is more like a conventional toilet that is eco friendly and helps preserve water. The waste from the portable toilets is transported to a holding tank underneath the seat. To reduce smells, chemicals are used. However, it is paramount that the proper servicing and cleaning schedule be established based on the number of workers at the job site.

How are portable toilets emptied and cleaned?

Human waste contains germs, and sometimes it can turn out to be a deadly virus or cause severe illness. So portable toilets must be cleaned regularly by emptying the units using specialised vacuum trucks.

The cleaning process includes using anti-bacterial cleaning products to clean the entire surfaces of the unit. A special chemical is then added to the holding tank, and the process is completed by restocking the toilet paper and paper towels.

The flushing mechanism

There are two alternative systems in the flushing mechanism. The first and most popular and cost-effective is to use 5-10 gallons of freshwater added to the bottom of the holding tank. This volume of water provides enough liquid volume to help minimize the smell in the portable toilets. To save costs, many portable toilet companies use less than 5 gallons, creating a smelly and gross environment that no one would like to use.

First, the toilet flush uses the freshwater from the water tank, as there is no need for a water supply.

A second option is to have a foot pump. It operates with pressure for which inside the tank the water circulates and delivers into the toilet through a pipe. These types of portable toilets are typically more expensive and used for outdoor events like weddings.

How does portable toilet hiring work?

Hiring service includes delivery, pick up, soap dispensers, and quality toilet papers. RR Waste & Septic can get you set up with delivery and a cleaning service interval that works for your situation.

Final Thoughts

So, if you are looking for reliable and effortless portable toilet services, visit RR Waste & Septic or call us for more details. Alternatively, you can reach out to our representative to fix an appointment.

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