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All you need to know about Septic Drain Field

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All about Septic Drain Field

About 45% of households in America use a septic tank or a septic drain to treat the waste of their house. It is commonly found in rural areas or areas with no municipal sewage line. So the waste has to be treated internally by the house owner by getting a system installed known as a septic system.

What is a Septic Drain Field?

The septic drain field is a part of the septic sewer system used to purify wastewater. A typical septic drain field is where the wastewater is eventually discharged from the septic tank after being separated from all the solid waste.

Work of Septic Drain Field

The job of a septic drain field is to purify wastewater coming from the septic tank. A septic drain field is made of pipes fitted into trenches carved underground. These pipes consist of small holes so the water can unroll in the soil surrounded by it.

A filter ceases all the solid waste in the septic tank that only allows the water to flow into the drain field. Once the scummed water reaches the drain field, it reacts with the bacteria present in the soil in a way that eats the organic material resulting in purified wastewater.

How to Check if the septic drain field is working properly?

Goes without saying that the septic drain field needs to be checked and serviced at regular intervals to keep the water flowing smoothly and keep the system running.

Ignoring the signs or not using professional and prompt services can cause a small issue to corrupt the whole system. Not to forget that replacing the whole system can be very unpleasant and heavy on your pocket.

The very first thing to do is to look for signs such as:

  • If the water drainage from your sinks and tubs has slowed down
  • You detect tine puddles of water in the septic drain field
  • Increased plant or grass growth in the field area
  • Foul smell from the drain field
  • Water backing up

At the sight of any such signs, one should call for septic servicing, let the professionals look for the root cause, and suggest the best option to repair or replace it.

A corrupted drain field will cause inconvenience to the owners of the house and be harmful to animals and the environment. So, it is best to have septic systems looked at by professionals.

It is necessary to pump out the septic tank once in a while to keep the system healthy and running. For more information on that, you can contact Septic Pumping Pecos TX for their pumping services.

Septic drain field care and maintenance

Like all the other things, the septic system also needs constant care and maintenance to ensure trouble-free functioning and long life of the septic system.

At regular time intervals, it is important to pump out all the sludge and grease trap from the septic tank to ensure the healthy and long life of the septic system.

If ignored, the septic tank can overflow, causing the solid to flow through the septic drain field, making the whole system ineffective. Once the septic drain field is compromised, the only option is the replace the whole thing, which is very costly.

For the maintenance of the septic system, avoid :

  • Heavy water-related chores at once, spread them through the week for equal distribution.
  • Avoid putting food waste, chemicals, tampons, sanitary napkins, diapers, paper towels, etc. Basically, they are things that can clog the drain or kill friendly bacteria.
  • Avoid heavy parking vehicles above the septic drain field.
  • Avoid putting a patio or deck above the field.
  • Avoid planting any deep-rooted plants or trees in the area.

For regular maintenance and service of your septic system, contacting Septic Maintenance Contracts Monahans TX is a good option. They provide fine services at an affordable cost.

Need for professional for septic maintenance

Once you have noticed any disfunction or fault in your system, the wise thing to do is call for professional help. A professional can check your system for any faults or failures and suggest you the best course of action. You can find many pumping contractors or cleaning services to help with the issue. For one of the finest cleaning services in texas Septic Maintenance Contracts, midland TX can be contacted.


Understanding the septic system can be a bit of a task, but maintaining it is not a big issue. Just like everything around the house, it just needs a little care and servicing at regular intervals.

The two main factors to be taken care of are

  • Maintenance
  • Servicing at regular time intervals

Just a little love and care will make your septic system run efficiently and last for many years to come.
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