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Things to Consider When Renting Porta Potties

Things to Consider When Renting Porta Potties

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It may be surprising that renting restroom trailers is a billion-dollar industry. It doesn’t make for a very pleasant situation when you have a huge crowd gathering and no toilets. It’s ideal for people to hire portable restrooms for big event venues that do not have toilet facilities. Porta Potty Rental Services offers a variety of restrooms, and one needs to overgo a few factors before selecting which one to rent.

Take a headcount for the event

It’s always ideal to take a headcount before deciding on the number of portable toilet rentals you require for a venue. It is impossible to have an exact headcount, but an approximate number will help you decide. You do not want to overburden the facility as it will neither be sanitary nor be convenient for people. It is always recommended to keep a few extra facilities to avoid long lines outside the loo. Another tip is to keep a few extras, especially if you are serving alcohol at the event or the duration of the event is longer.

Types of people attending the event

There is a wide range of facilities, starting from basic to luxurious ones. You need to know the nature of the event and the kind of people attending the event. For instance, if there is a wedding event, people will expect a much finer facility than a fair. So all that is required is to know your audience and prepare accordingly. It is wise to rent basic units and luxurious units for smaller events.

Features of portable rental toilets

There are various rental restrooms, starting from the basic design that offers a toilet seat, urinal, and a handwashing unit inside. Selecting the type of unit depends on the nature of the event and the audience attending the event. The most basic structure is smaller, and the luxurious united can be very spacious with many more features. Be sure to keep at least one friendly unit for disabled people.

1. Pricing Difference

Staying under budget is the key to the success of an event. One should always try quoting different rental services around the town and compare the prices to pick the best options available. Compare all the aspects and go with the service provider that quotes the most economic price and maximum features and facilities. If you need the facility for workplaces like construction sights, choose a cost-effective model as they are required long term.

2. Standard of cleaning

One very important question to ask the rental company is if they will frequently clean the toilets or not. It will be an embarrassment to have dirty toilets throughout the event. Do consider the duration of your event. If it’s a 3-4 days event, then it will need regular cleaning, or the facilities will need to be replaced depending on the cleaning policy of the service provider.
Having a sanitized and hygienic facility is very crucial in any event.

3. Setup and Delivery

Planning can be tricky when it comes to the setup and delivery of the rental porta-potties. One aspect is to figure out a place that can accommodate the facility and isn’t too far from the event’s main venue. Also, make sure you talk about transportation with your service provider beforehand, as these facilities are heavy. Ensure to include everything in the quoted price so that there is no hidden cost that pops up later.

4. Reviews and references

While selecting a company that provides rental porta-potties, conducting a little background check is advisable. Read online reviews or talk to people who have taken these facilities before. Ensure they provide the services and features they promise and how convenient it is working with them. Ensure the company provides acceptable before and after services at the quoted price. Reading reviews can make your job very easy and help you avoid any mishaps or inconveniences.

Top options for availing rental service for Porta Potties in Texas

To make your task a little trouble-free, here is a list of some of the top-rated companies in Texas.


One needs to consider so much while planning an event; this aspect of planning is often not given much thought. Not having proper restroom facilities can cause a huge inconvenience to the attendees and spoil their fun. That’s where we come in and make your job easier. RR Waste & Septic provides you rental services for porta potties and helps you develop an efficient plan to host a successful event. Just give us a call and forget the rest, as we deliver what we promise. Check out our website for more details. For our rental services or any other queries, you can call us at (432) 943-7828, Email: [email protected]

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