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Checklist for Construction Site Portable Toilet Rentals


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Whether your construction project is going to be completed in the next few weeks or coming months, renting portable toilets can be an ideal solution. 

RR Waste & Septic is a full-service toilet and construction equipment rental business, we can provide a range of clean, and sanitary toilet solutions. You can get them delivered to your site as early as the same day no later than 24-hours from the initial call.  


Hygiene is a critical factor when it comes to renting construction site toilets. R&R Equipment Rentals uses eco-friendly, biodegradable high quality sanitizing and deoderizing cleaning supplies.  All this in addition to receiving excellent services. 

Professional Installation

Professional installation is yet another key factor why you should opt for construction site toilet rentals. The experts at R&R Equipment Rentals go to the site to take stock of the convenient spots for installing portable toilets and also consult with the construction contractors about the right place to install them before installing the restrooms. 

Do you have a hard to reach site that requires 4×4 servicing?  No problem.  RR Waste & Septic has several trucks that are 4×4 equipped and can get into the most remote locations. 

Examine Exterior & Interior

When you are renting a portable toilet, take a good look at how it looks on the outside. A reputable rental company like RR Waste & Septic will have taken excellent care of their toilets, so make sure to look for signs of wear like holes, dents, or scraped paint. If the exterior looks bad, chances are the interior is going to be no better, if not worse. That’s why you also need to see how well the company keeps the restrooms cleaned and ensures that there are not any lingering odors or bugs living in the corners of the portable construction toilets.

RR Waste & Septic

RR Waste & Septici is a division of RR Waste & Septic, Inc. We have 40 years of experience in constructing and designing septic systems and delivering construction site toilets to your specification. We have decades of experience and are experts in troubleshooting, servicing, and pumping septic tanks and systems. If your project site is too remote to have permanent toilets, you have a large upcoming event or celebration or you would like to offer an alternative to contractors visiting your facility, RR Waste & Septic offers different portable toilet solutions at affordable rates. Besides, we have different packages for our clients across Midland, Odessa, Andrews, Monahans, Fort Stockton, Pecos, Alpine, Crane, Kermit, Mentone, and Coyanosa.

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