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Reasons to Rent Portable Hand Washing Stations While Organizing Outdoor Events


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You need to consider several factors while organizing an outdoor event. Chief among them are outdoor facilities to make the event more convenient for your guests or participants. Hand washing stations are essential to meet the sanitary needs of people. In fact, renting a portable hand washing station should be a requirement, not a recommendation. Here’s why.

1. Leave an Exceptional Impression

Renting portable hand washing stations will send the signals to your guests that you have gone the extra mile for their safety. having portable washing stations in the event will make your guests think that you care for them and their sanitary needs. So don’t just provide hand sanitizer to your guests but rent a hand washing station that will help remove both dirt and germs.

2. Keep Your Guests Safe

Cleanliness has become the utmost priority during the pandemic. With the outbreak of coronavirus, frequent handwashing has become the norm. So not renting any hand washing station means compromising the health of your guests. It may negatively impact your event, and people may leave sooner than expected. However, you can convince people to spend more time at the event by renting hand washing stations.

3. Good Gesture

Addressing the needs of your guests is essential if you want to make your event successful. If you are serving foods in the event, the attendees will need a hand washing station to wash their hands before and after eating. You can make your guests feel more comfortable by renting hand washing stations. You can consult with RR Waste & Septic for portable hand washing station rental in West Texas; daily service from Midland to Mentone to Fort Stockton, and everywhere in between. We are a full-service rental company offering comprehensive hand washing station rental solutions to clients. You can rent from us at affordable prices.

How Many Do You Need

We hope that now you have understood the importance of renting a portable hand washing station. Now the question is, how many hand washing stations do you need at your event? It is recommended to have at least one hand washing station for every five portable restrooms. If you have plans to serve food, then you need a separate sink for each restroom.

You can rely on RR Waste & Septic for renting a portable washing station. Our portable hand washing station rental in Monahans TX is the perfect solution to enhance your event quality and meet the sanitary needs of your guests. We have been serving the Permian Basin for more than 40 years and never left any customers dissatisfied.

Our hand washing stations are serviced by experts and filled with non-potable water, paper towels, and soap. You can also rent 500 gallons to 3,000 gallons holding tanks from us to meet your additional water needs, and can be delivered across West Texas within 24 hours of your initial call.

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