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How Often should Grease Traps Be serviced?

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If you have ever worked in any restaurant, you are probably familiar with the grease trap and its usage. Grease trap services are necessary for restaurants and your kitchen to ensure that the fat, oil, and grease from the cooked food are disposed of properly. Even though the grease trap is important for the restaurant, it is also important to clean it regularly for several reasons.

How often should grease traps be cleaned?

Every restaurant must practice regular grease trap cleaning. The way you keep the number of FOGS down.

Unfortunately, it is one of those chores which often gets forgotten or skipped. Use the guide to create the right grease trap cleaning plan.

1. Use the Quarter rule.

Keep your eye on the grease trap; when that is a quarter of the way full, this is time to clean it out. The main reason is that, at that point, the trap will no longer be effective.

Instead of the trap catching the grease oil, this will escape into the pipes. This will dramatically increase the chances of blockages and overflows.

When these leakages happen, you greatly increase the risk of fire and food contamination.

To avoid such unpleasant situations, you can reach out to an expert for grease pumping in Midland, TX.

2. Create the Maintenance Cycle

The frequency of cleaning the grease trap depends upon the size of the trap and the volume of the grease your cooking produces. On average, they need to be cleaned between one to three months.

Regularly check the grease trap so that you can learn how quickly it fills up. Then you can create the cleaning schedule based on the timeline. If you find the grease trap fills up and needs cleaning in less than a month, then this is the appropriate time to upgrade the grease trap to a larger one. If you are running out of time, then it is better to take the help of professionals for grease pumping in Monahans TX.

3. Know the law

If you have already decided to skip the cleaning or get rid of the grease trap, you could be in hot water with the state. You can make sure of the laws that may affect you; then, it is best to consult a professional for grease pumping in Pecos TX. They can explain the laws in detail and help you create the cleaning maintenance plan, which will be complied with. You may receive large fines or even have the restaurant close down.

4. Prevent the problem

There are many ways you can reduce the grease trap from filling up quickly. It means cleaning off the FOGS from the plates and cookware before washing them. Have your staff scrape everything and dispose of the grease properly.
Instead of depending on yourself and the staff to clean the grease trap interceptor, you can hire professional for service. It ensures the trap is cleaned regularly.

Finally, the plan for the unexpected. It would be best if you worked with the cleaner to ensure the trap stays clean by scheduling extra cleaning during this time.

Why is the cleanliness of grease traps important?

One of the most challenging problems with the commercial kitchen is maintaining the FOG in the kitchen. Many restaurant owners worldwide have grease traps installed in the kitchen to fix it. This traps the wastewater from the dishwashers, sinks, and kitchen drains. All credit goes to the technology used in the grease trap cleaning near me.

So here are some of the reasonable answers why the cleanliness of the grease trap is important:

1. Foul smell

The grease trap keeps accumulating the FOG in its tank, which begins to decompose and diffuse a rotting smell over time. The smell could become bothersome if left untreated, even if the interceptor is underground. It could adversely affect the number of customers visiting the restaurants or at home, eventually disrupting the business.

2. Expensive tank replacement

Solid food waste and FOG entangled in the grease trap comprise the chemical compounds. If the tank is left clogged, the trapped waste breaks down by releasing hydrogen sulfur gas, which turns into sulphuric acid.

3. Awful cleaning

When the grease trap captures the FOG, the solid particles settle at the bottom of the tank. If that solid waste is not removed regularly, that will convert into a thick hard mass, which becomes an immovable barrier, that is impossible to clean.

4. Penalties

Almost every municipality worldwide has certain penalties for inappropriate FOG treatment in commercial kitchens. Some have penalties for not having the grease trap installed, and some for not maintaining the equipment properly.


Practising consistent grease trap cleaning and compliance with the law can reduce the number of headaches you have to deal with. So you must hire a professional for grease trap pumping near me, and don’t forget to check the cleaning task off the to-do list.

Contact RR Waste & Septic today and have the grease traps cleaned by experts. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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