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Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Porta Potties


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Surprisingly, the amount of work that goes into the planning and how the people at your event will use the loo does not go hand in hand. We rarely consider this as important and often end up renting a porta potty for a day to make up for the chaotic situation in the event.

Read these 7 of the worst porta-potty renting mistakes you need to avoid while renting a porta-potty for a party.

Mistakes to Avoid When Renting Porta-Potties

1. Not inspecting beforehand

One of the major mistakes you can make while getting a porta potties rental in Hobbs, NM for an event is neglecting to check for damage. Before you agree to anything or sign any document, you must ensure you rent. Please do this to avoid being charged for the damages already here.

The best thing you can do is look for the signs of damage, like stains, dents, or cracks before signing the agreement with the company to rent a porta potty at the construction site.

2. Neglecting the fine print

While planning the event, ensure to read the fine print from the potential porta-potty provider. Some companies attempt to charge hidden fees or need to include specific services in the base rate. So read everything carefully to not fall for any tricks or gimmicks.

3. Ordering the wrong one

This is where it pays to know the event you are hosting. If you are putting on the black tie affair, you may need more than a few plastic porta potties rental in Monahans, TX.

A proper restroom trailer sounds nice in some scenarios, but you may need more space. Sometimes, you may need a mini rental or a larger amount of plastic units. No matter what you need or want, this is crucial to plan. Make sure you consider the event you’re hosting before placing an order for porta potty rental.

4. Not ordering enough

The general rule for the porta potty numbers is at least two per every 100 people attending the event. If there is going to be alcohol, you probably want to add one more. The same thing goes for if the attendees are going to be at the event for, say, then more than four hours. Consider the number of people and the amount of time they’ll be spending at the event when you’re placing the order.

5. Putting them in the wrong place

This may not seem like it, but placing the porta potties correctly is a huge part of the planning process. This is essential that they avoid vehicle traffic but remain accessible to service vehicles. It is also crucial that they will not get caught up in the mud or any other debris at outdoor events.

The average service truck weighs anywhere from 10000 to 20000 pounds, and that has to be able to get up right next to the porta potties. Otherwise, you may face multiple new issues.

6. Neglecting compliance

It is essential to keep the ADP regulations in mind while planning any special event. It means providing accessible restrooms for the guests and ways to clean their hands after the restroom.

These porta-potties come with wider doors and ramps. All these doors also don’t require assistance to open and close. The biggest difference is that there is enough space in all these units for the wheelchair to do a complete 360-degree turn. Accessible toilets are a must for any event.

It also comes with reinforced construction, handrails, and proper signage. This also means working with a porta-potty rental company that knows and understands the regulations.

7. Skimping on supplies

Portable restrooms are beneficial but are almost useful with proper sanitation materials. Your guests will still feel uncomfortable, and they may likely be disappointed in the event as a whole.

For that, it is important to stock up on toilet paper, soap and even hand sanitiser before the event. You can also consider taking advantage of the other rentals, like hand washing stations which can be placed near the restrooms.

Not only do those things help improve your guest’s experience, but they also help mitigate the spread of potentially harmful germs/ viruses at the event.

Cost To Rent Porta Potty

A few details can make the rental price higher or lower.
The company you rent the porta potty from will want to know the details to give you a fair quote. Some of the most common factors may determine the final quote you will receive for renting the porta-potty, such as type, number of porta-potties per event, hand sanitizing stations, and deluxe porta-potties.

Where Can I Rent A Porta Potty Near Me

Making porta-potty renting mistakes is easy if you search for the first time, but avoiding them with proper planning is also easy. Make sure the company you are looking to do business with is reputable, cares deeply about the safety of the staff, and will provide you with porta potty rental in Midland, TX, Monahans TX, and Hobbs NM. This is also crucial to ensure they keep the best interest in mind.
At RR Waste & Septic, we do exactly this. Contact us to get started with highly equipped & accessible toilets at your next event!

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