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Why Should You Rent Portable Toilets While Organizing Outdoor Events ?


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When organizing an important outdoor event, you need to keep several things in mind. One of the most critical things among them that you can’t afford to miss is mobile toilet vans or portable toilets. It is an essential element where you need to invest to ensure the enjoyment and wellbeing of all the guests attending the event. Not having portable restrooms for outdoor events means forcing your guests to leave earlier for other locations to make use of the bathroom. 

The early departure of guests can be the root cause of a failed event. Renting portable toilets, on the other hand, will not just prevent early departures for answering the call of nature, but it will also help your guests to maintain good hygiene and sanitation. Therefore, you will be able to leave an outstanding impression. Below are a few more reasons for which you must rent portable toilets for outdoor events.

#1 To Ensure Comfort and Cleanliness

As an event host, ensuring cleanliness and comfort for your guests should be your key priority. While hiring portable toilets will make your guests feel comfortable with the arrangement, the opposite will only cause stress for both parties. So, consider hiring portable toilets for outdoor events to ensure cleanliness and make your guests feel comfortable and satisfied. 

#2 Meet the Legal Requirements Regarding Sanitation and Hygiene Facilities

Outdoor events like carnivals, trade shows, fairs, and fun runs often trigger restroom requirements. So, it is no wonder why most municipalities require portable restrooms at outdoor events. An organizer must meet the requirements of several hygiene facilities to get permission for his outdoor event. For example, the number of toilets required will vary depending on the size of the events and the number of potential attendees. So, we recommend contacting the local permitting officer during the planning process to understand how many portable toilets you have to rent to meet the legal requirements. Hiring the correct number of toilet vans or portable restrooms will help you conduct your outdoor event without any legal obstacles. 

#3 Save Time and Money

We hope that now you understand that there’s no way to organize an effective outdoor event without having any toilets. The only alternative to renting portable restrooms is to build them permanently, which is more expensive than renting. Since most outdoor events last for a short duration, making permanent toilets makes no sense. Building toilet blocks is not only a costly affair, but it will also require a lot of time to plan, execute, and create before the events. Renting portable toilets will completely cut off the unnecessary time and expenses for building them. 

Your service provider will deliver toilets to your outdoor event location, set them up in no time, and take them back once the event is done. So, save your time and money by renting portable toilets and spend them elsewhere in your event. 

These are a few of the many reasons you should consider renting portable toilets for outdoor events. Now the biggest question is where you should rent them? RR Waste & Septic is a full-service rental and septic construction company specialized in renting portable restrooms for outdoor events. You can also hire dumpsters, trash trailers, and light towers from us for your outdoor events and projects. Contact us now to discuss your rental needs.

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